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Does Baby Nut Drink Peanut Milk?

Super Bowl XIV brought us some new experiences, from Bar Mitzvah aged boys feeling tingling sensations they’d never felt before during Shakira and J.Lo’s halftime show to a new dance brought by Intuit TurboTax, making paying our taxes synonymous with fun. But besides Mike Shanahan’s terrible fourth quarter play calling (JUST RUN THE DAMN BALL!) what will be […]

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The End of an Era

Yesterday was the end of a 16-year-long era. Jack, Margaret, and Jon Chang ended production of their San Francisco famous peanut milk. The city has priced them out with rent increases and other financial pressures from landlords. It is a sad day when a community is lost. Hundreds of people will now miss a product […]

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Jimmy Carter: The Peanut President

Did you know that before he became the 39th leader of the free world, Jimmy Carter owned and operated a peanut farm? Not only that, the Carter family also operated a peanut warehouse and a store outside the small town of Plains, Georgia throughout the Great Depression. The story goes that when Jimmy was a […]

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George Washington Carver: The Inventor of Peanut Milk

  Today we are honoring George Washington Carver, who, besides being a revolutionary botanist, scientist, and professor, may very well have been the inventor of peanut milk. Carver was born into slavery in 1860 in Missouri and by the time of his death in 1943, he had become a truly remarkable figure in American history.He […]

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Throwback Thursday: CBS 5 Evening Magazine

This week’s throwback is CBS 5’s Evening Magazine feature:   The bit declares that, “There is a couple in San Francisco that has made a homemade drink that is possibly the secret to staying healthy… This may look like an ordinary little café. But inside this SF couple is brewing up magic.”   As has […]

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Our feature on CNN

Here we are on CNN’s The Cafferty File. Notwithstanding the sarcastic banter from the smug male reporters, the segment highlights the “drink of the Gods”. The feature suggests that Signs and Wonders Peanut Milk “strengthens AIDS/HIV patients, prevents baldness, reverses gum disease, increases sexual stamina, alleviates hot flashes, and heals skin lesions”. Pour me a glass!

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KTVU on Throwback Thursday

As promised, here is the next throwback Thursday news clip. Watch as KTVU’s complete Bay Area coverage team investigates Signs & Wonders peanut milk for over 6 minutes. Mark Ritta ventures to the old KK Cafe and interviews Jon Chang as well as a few happy customers.   Jake, a basketball player, drinks peanut milk everyday “It gives […]

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14-Year-Old News Footage Released

We have unearthed from the Signs & Wonders catacombs a series of news stories that were (and still may be) many people’s first exposure to peanut milk. Our first clip comes from the CBS Channel 5 News Team. They talk about Jack’s accidental discovery of peanut milk and how the “customers at the cafe say that they swear to the powers of […]

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Back us on Kickstarter

Check out our Kickstarter here! We know we can do it! Between 2004 and 2007 we mass-produced and distributed 3,000 gallons of peanut milk per week to outlets including Whole Foods, Mollie Stone’s Markets, and Rainbow Grocery. After 24 years in the same San Francisco neighborhood, rising rent forced us to close our beloved KK Cafe. But we […]

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