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The Drink that does Wonders

Throwback Thursday: CBS 5 Evening Magazine

This week’s throwback is CBS 5’s Evening Magazine feature:


The bit declares that, “There is a couple in San Francisco that has made a homemade drink that is possibly the secret to staying healthy… This may look like an ordinary little café. But inside this SF couple is brewing up magic.”


As has become standard, the clip includes some grateful testimonials: “God bless the Changs because if they had not providing this for me, I honestly truly believe that I would be dead now,” said one customer with a rare kidney disease.


Other indications of gratitude include:


“My muscles and joints are constantly being stressed and I’m aware that since taking peanut milk, that’s diminished a lot of the soreness.”


“I stopped having hot flashes. My food nutrition absorption seemed to increase too.”


Thank you to CBS for their contribution, and please continue to spread the word about the benefits of our peanut milk!