Signs and Wonders

The Drink that does Wonders

KTVU on Throwback Thursday

As promised, here is the next throwback Thursday news clip. Watch as KTVU’s complete Bay Area coverage team investigates Signs & Wonders peanut milk for over 6 minutes. Mark Ritta ventures to the old KK Cafe and interviews Jon Chang as well as a few happy customers.


Jake, a basketball player, drinks peanut milk everyday “It gives me energy. I don’t eat breakfast so it gives me endless energy until lunchtime. It gets me going”.

Francine Perkins tells her story: “My boyfriend’s dad was just diagnosed with throat cancer. We heard about [peanut milk] on community access. We brought him some and he started the chemo and radiation and he hasn’t felt sick at all. He hasn’t lost any weight. And it’s been about a month and a half since he’s been on the treatment, and he feels great. And then last week I had a personal experience. I felt like I was coming down with the flu or something and I bought it for myself and drank it on my way over to Hayward and felt completely cured or whatever! I was able to eat a normal dinner whereas all day I hadn’t been able to eat.”

Stay tuned for more classic SAW Peanut Milk coverage. #sawpm #tbt